Red-Bellied Woodpecker

Red-bellied wood

Red-Bellied Woodpecker
winter Plumage
Male Zebra back, Red from nape to beak Female Zebra back, red nape
Summer Plumage
Male Zebra back, red from nape to beak, Female Zebra back, red nape
Favourite Seed
Feeder Type
Suet Feeder
queerp or chrrr in flight

Description Edit

Adults are ultimatly light grey on the face and underparts, black and white zebra-like pattren on their back, wings and tail. Males have a red stripe going from the bill to the nape, females have a red patch on the nape and another above the bill. The reddish spot on thier belly tat gives the bird its name is difficult to see in identification. They are 23 to 26 cm long, and have a wingspan of 38 to 44 cm.

Vocals Edit

The Red-headed's voice is a loud raspy queerp, and a trailing chrrrr in flight. The males tend to call and drum more often than the females.

Range Edit

The summer range for the Red-bellied in Ontario is along Lake Erie and Lake Ontario to south of the Bruce Peninsula.

The winter Range is the same as their summer range.

Notes Edit

  • The Red-belliedil invad other nestin hole, but after they ivd, [Strlings will invad the Red-bellied.

Sources Edit

Top Photo|Jennifer Howard,Innisfil,ON


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